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"Kainuu Orienteering Week - Whole family´s orienteering and holiday week"

The attraction of Kainuu Orienteering Week (KOW) is being based on experiences which can only be offered by the unique orienteering terrain, rich culture and clean nature of Kainuu area.

Kainuu Orienteering Week is an annual, international orienteering event which is being held in Kainuu province, Finland. With reflecting the Finnish traditions Kainuu Orienteering Week is the second oldest orienteering week in the world and it has been held as many as 47 times. The event gathers around 3,000 to 10,000 orienteers annually which makes it one of the most popular sports events in Finland.

Kainuu Orienteering Week offers a versatile orienteering and holiday experience every orienteers and other people who are interested in orienteering. The competition centre of Kainuu Orienteering Week entertains also the children of the family so that adults can concentrate on practising orienteering. That’s why the whole family enjoys Kainuu Orienteering Week! The terrain in Kainuu includes numerous hills, clean waters and spectacular forests. The people in Finland are well-known for their friendliness, geniality and honesty.

The professional staff of Kainuu Orienteering Week takes care of orienteers and makes sure that everyone has a great time. The event offers accommodation from caravan parking to hotels and cottages. Travelling connections are implemented widely and as easily as can be for our customers.

In Kainuu Orienteering Week there are four races and the total results will be determined by the summarized results of these races. You can race against yourself and against the others in a various competition and fitness series. The elite of the competition series will be rewarded with great prizes. In fitness series there will be drawn lots for various product prizes among the participants. You can recover from the competition strain in two off days when you can take a deeper look at the Finnish culture and have a spare time with relaxing hobbies, for example with golf and cycling.

The development of the event is one of the main goals of Kainuu Orienteering Week. That’s why we like to listen to our customers’ opinions about the event. We also aim to develop our functioning by cooperating with the other main orienteering events in Finland, Jukola relay and Fin5 Orienteering Week.

Have a great experience in the heart of Finland and participate in Kainuu Orienteering Week 5.-10.7.2015!

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