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52. Kainuun Rastiviikko

52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

30.6.-5.7.2019 Sotkamo, Finland

You can arrive to Kainuu Orienteering Week competition centre Tipasoja (Kuhmontie 124, 88600 Sotkamo):
- By car or camper
- By competition bus


Parking areas are located inside the Competition Centre area.
The parking area is the fields of the competition center. In some situations, you may also need to use additional remote parking areas.

VIP parking ticket buyers can park independently of the situation in the VIP-parking area of the competition center. The distance to the competition center from the vip p area is 100 m.  VIP parking spaces are for sale to anyone who comes to the event.
You can buy a VIP parking ticket in advance from info@rastiviikko.fi.
Parking tickets prices and for more details arriving to the Kainuu Orienteering Week:
Welcome to Kainuu Orienteering Week!

You can order Kainuu Orienteering Week  a orienteering shirt in advance and pick up an on-site event the KRV-store.
The payment for the order is made with the card or cash upon receipt of the order.

For sale  2 different models:

  • Noname orienteering shirt
  • Noname sprint shirt

NOTE! On-site for sale limited quantity to shirts, so pre-ordering ensures the right product for you.

Pre-orders accepted 30.4. until.

Order shirt in advance with this form.

Bus-transportation preliminary timetables, routes and prices has been published!

See more here.

KOW - Kainuu Orienteering Week is orienteering and holiday week for the whole family in Kainuu region in Finland.

The event is organized every year beginning of july.

Next summer the event will be held from 30 June to 5 July in Tipasoja area in Sotkamo.

Teaser can been seen from our facebook-pages.

We  wish Nice and Athmospheric Christmas! - Have a Sportyful and Happy New Year 2019!


Christmas newsletter now out 

Read more from here.

The first entry step for the Kainuu Orienteering Week 2019 is valid in the end of November 30th.

Participation fees can be viewed on here and registration instructions can be viewed on here.

Welcome to Sotkamo!






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