51. Kainuun Rastiviikko

51st Kainuu Orienteering Week

1.-6.7.2018 Kajaani, Finland



Kainuu Orienteering Week newsletter 1/2018 has now been released in our pages.

Latest news:

- Next entry step will be closed 28.2.2018!

- We have had plenty of very good accommodation possibilities near the competition centre - only 5-35 km range and 5-30 min driving time. 
--> private houses and cottages / holiday apartments
--> commercial accommodation in Kajaani
--> commercial accommodation in Kainuu and near Kajaani
--> Vuokatti Sport institute´s perfect accommodation possibilities (only 20 min driving to competition centre)

- Other things to do before, during and after the Kainuu O-Week - plenty of very good options for every age categories

- In Open orienteering (open courses) we have 8-9 different skill and distance levels for you to offer - read more here.

- For H/D21E categories we have biggest amount of prize money in the history of Kainuu O-Week - in total 9000,00 €

- And much more interesting stuff...

- READ THE NEWSLETTER FROM HERE. Newsletter is at the moment only in finnish but we are releasing it in english also during this spring 2018.

- If you have anything to ask about Kainuu Orienteering Week - please contact to our competition office (info(at)rastiviikko.fi) or the event´s secretary general (jukka.liuha(at)rastiviikko.fi)


One new map sample from the competition area is now updated to our webpage:
2018 -> Competition info -> Maps and terrain.

Plenty of accommodation possibilities available. See our accommodation pages:
2018 -> Accommodation -> KOW-accommodation -> Holiday Apartments

Arriving to Kajaani is easy: See the arriving information from our webpages: 2018 -> Arriving -> Arriving to Kajaani

The next entry step will be closing on 28th of February 2018: Entry / registration info can be found from ENTRY -> Entry instructions


Competition and accommodation office is now open in Kajaani

Street address: Kisatie 30, 87250 Kajaani, Finland

Postal address: Kisatie 28, 87250 Kajaani, Finland

Opening hours: Monday-Friday at 9.00 am - 3.00 pm 

Phone: +358 44 512 3517
Email: majoitus@rastiviikko.fi / accommodation@rastiviikko.fi 

51st Kainuu Orienteering Week will be held in Kajaani 1.-6.7.2018.

Competition days are:
Sunday 1.7: 1st stage
Monday 2.7: Rest day
Tuesday 3.7: 2nd stage
Wednesday 4.7: Rest day
Thursday 5.7: 3rd stage
Friday 6.7: 4th stage

We will offer traditional orienteering and holiday week with some new refreshments

We have plenty of different kind of accommodation

Welcome to the orienteering and holiday week for the whole family

Organizing club is Kajaanin Suunnistajat ry.