Kainuu Orienteering Week 28.6.-3.7.2020 registration wiil open soon!

53. Kainuun Rastiviikko

53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

28.6.-3.7.2020 Suomussalmi, Haverinen


On each race day at Kainuu Orienteering Week it is possible to participate in open courses, family course and activity route. All courses are allowed to do alone or in a group. The participants are timed but overall results are not calculated and prices based on ranking are not distributed. 

Pre-entries at discount prices until 11 June 2018.

Please use IRMA to enter
email: info@rastiviikko.fi

See the prices and further instructions here.

Guidelines for pre-entries to open categories:

Pre-entries (own Emit card): Pick up your competition number that is hanging on a line in front of the open categories information point - go to the race.

Pre-entries (hired Emit card): Register as you arrive at the open categories information point at ‘pre-entries’ where you will be given a competition number and a pre-booked Emit card. 

On-site registration

Onsite registration for the open and family categories at the Open orienteering info. Fill in a registration form and pay the fee either in cash or with a credit/debit card.

You can also pay your entry with:
- Smartum's culture and sports vouchers, Edenred's recreational vouchers, Tyky vouchers, Tyky+ voucher.
- Smartum card payment, Edenred card payment
- Smartum Saldo, ePassi payment and Tyky-online
Ask about payment: info@rastiviikko.fi or on site at the open orienteering info.

If you need an Emit card, you can hire one at the open orienteering info.

Once you have registered, you will get a competition number. Use the same number for the entire week. The same number will be used even if you paid your entry separately e.g. on the first and third competition day. So, please do not lose your competition number. A replacement competition number may be purchased at the open orienteering info for 2 euros.

As you register for the whole week in one go, you will have done all the payments and thus avoid standing in a queue.

NB! You may, each day, choose whatever category/course regardless of which category you have chosen in the entry form. Your category and course of choice will be updated to your details every time at the start area.


Onsite entry fees €/day €/week
Open (A,B,C) 19 65
Family course* and open courses under 14 years old 14 45
Emit-card rental 5 15

*includes the RR maps for the whole family and one emit-card.
An unreturned Emit card will be charged at €80.

In the open categories, you may choose eight courses of different length and difficulty in each open event. The family category will be run as a control trail (RR).

You may familiarise yourself with the maps and courses in advance.

At the start
Open (A, B and C)
At Start 5, report to the start officials in the start area who will check the competition number and Emit card (A, B and C). You must have your Emit card and a number with you (given at the open orienteering info). Choose the correct map at the start. Reset your Emit card and go.

Family category
At Start 5, report to the start officials in the start area who will check the competition number and Emit card. You must have your Emit card and a number with you (given at the open orienteering info). After this you are directed to the start area that is located next to the start area number 4. At the start the official will hand out your map(s). Reset your Emit card and go.

All open and family category runners will end their races at Finish number 5 (City of Kajaani).

There are no start time draws in the open and family categories.


Day Open courses info is open Starting times: Finish is closed:
sun 1.7. 10.00-17.00 13.00-16.30 19.00
tue 3.7. 09.00-15.00 11.00-14.30 17.00
thu 5.7. 09.00-15.00 11.00-14.30 17.00
fri 6.7. 08.00-14.00 10.00-13.30 16.00
NB! All runners who have started must report at the finish even if they have not finished the race!!


Further instructions
The same competition number will be used for every event. Please, hold on to your competition number for the whole week!

You do not have to inform about course/category changes at the open category information point! If you decide to change your course/category after you have registered at the open category information point, the final course/category choice will be registered at the start (Start area 5).

The same Emit-card CANNOT be used in both competition and open categories.

In the open categories, two or more people can use the same Emit card - also in the same event.

In the family category, the group will have one competition number and one Emit card that will be read at the start and finish.

In the family category, the organisers will provide maps for the family/group and one Emit card.

Raffle prizes
In the open and family categories, there will be a raffle on each competition day. The prizes will be given out at the information point. 






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