51. Kainuun Rastiviikko

51st Kainuu Orienteering Week

1.-6.7.2018 Kajaani, Finland

2018 Kainuu Orienteering Week will be held in Kajaani on 1-6 July 2018.

First and cheapest entry period to the both categories competition and open categories will be closed on 30th of November!

To 2018 event´s webpage you can enter directly from here or by clicking the category 2018 on the top of this webpage.

The 50th Kainuu Orienteering Week was held in Rastinkylä, Kuhmo and Finland 25.-30.7.2017

Thanks for all participants, volunteers, land owners and partners for the great orienteering week in Kainuu!

There were about 4000 participants in Kainuu O-Week from which there were 2656 orienteers. In competition categories 1591 runners and in open categories 1065 different orienteers. Additionally we had over 1000 spectators, volunteers and partners on-site

Overall the week was very good and also the weather was quite perfect at least during the last three competition days. Competition centre was nice and easy in athmosphere with traditional and fine landscape of Kainuu region in Finland. We had some positive feedback about the event in general and expecially our Restaurant´s fried vendace´s had much of positive feedback, says the chief of competition Urpo Piirainen.

Feedback questionnaire for 2017 week is open until 14th of August.
We hope that participants could give us as much feedback as possible so that we can improve our arrangements for the next year´s event. Among every respondent we will raffle free participations for the 2018 week and also some KOW-produts. Read more and answer to our feedback questionnaire in here.

51st Kainuu Orienteering Week 1.-6.7.2018 in Kajaani
Next Kainuu Orienteering Week will be held in Kajaani and Jormua-Leihu competition area. Competition centre Rauhala is one of the best in Kainuu region. Distances from the Kajaani and Vuokatti to the competition centre are very short, only 15-20 minutes of driving, so it is very easy to arrive next year´s KOW. Nearest airport is Kajaani airport from where it is only 25 minutes of driving to competition centre. There are great amount of perfect accommodation possibilities in both Kajaani and Vuokatti area.

As on orienteering terrain the Jormua-Leihu area will provide demanding and diverse orienteering in great sceneries of Kainuu and Kajaani. Terrain includes several hill areas where total elevation could be between 50-80 meters. Easier courses are made near the competition centre so we can provide good courses for every categories. Next year we will surely provide good and memorable orienteering week in Kajaani, Kainuu and Finland says the competition leader Marko Horneman.

Entry and registration is already open for Kainuu O-Week 2018 in IRMA-service.

Also for open categories the entry and registration is already open. This year we have entry steps also in open categories so we recommend registration in advance.

Read more about 2018 Kainuu Orienteering Week from our page www.rastiviikko.fi -> 2018


50th Kainuu Orienteering Week feedback form is now open.

Give us some feedback and you may win some of these prizes:

3 pc Kainuu Orienteering Week 1.-6.7.2018 competition categories, whole week participation fee (emit-card rental not included)

3 pc Kainuu Orienteering Week 1.-6.7.2018 open categories, whole week participation fee (emit-card rental not included)

Additionally we will raffle some KOW-products.

Taking part in the raffle requires that you give your contact information at the end of the questionnaire.

You can give feedback from this page 2017 -> Feedback -> Feedback questionnaire

Feedback form is open until 14.8.2017.

Marttiina Joensuu an Fredric Portin won the 50th Kainuu Orienteering Week in main categories. It was career-second time for both of them.

Portin dominated the entire week winning the overall in the end by 5 minutes ahea of Timo Sild. Sild was the fastest on Sunday in H21E. Olli-Markus Taivainen finished third. Joensuu took her overall title over 1,5 minute marginal to Sanni Kivelä, Silja Kauppinen finished third.

"It was an enjoyable terrain, pretty tough. I had to push until the end. On the second control I was sure it was mine, but it wasn’t. That was a bit exciting moment, but I ran well after that. The clear lead ahead of the last stage was good as you can take your time. On the other hand it is difficult to get to the right mood before the race. I didn’t have the completely right feeling in the beginning but after the second control’s mistake I found it back”, Portin said.

Marttiina Joensuu was equally happy about her victory.

“I tried to focus on orienteering and thought if Sanni (Kivelä) goes past me, then she does. When I saw Sanni, I was a bit like aaa…I had been doing well and still she was there. It was pretty heavy day but not impossible, luckily it turned out like it did”, said Joensuu.

Fredric Portin has been unstoppable in H21E and that was the case also on third stage, but the D21E saw a new winner as Marttiina Joensuu took the victory.

“My orienteering was better today than on Thursday, only two small mistakes. It was a good run. I feel better day by day. I had been racing a lot before this week and the days off here have been food. I am confident about tomorrow, I just have to pick the controls. My situation should be good”, he said with a smile.

Portin has a comfortable four-minute lead to Olli-Markus Taivainen ahead of the final stage. Taivainen finished second on Saturday, Timo Sild third.

Marttiina Joensuu’s victory put her also on top in women’s category as the leader after two first stage, Sanni Kivelä, finished fourth. Joensuu was not too happy about her racing as she is starting to feel tired.

“This is third day, so it was pretty heavy. I tried to go the best I could. Orienteering was smooth, I tried to make clear route choices and keep in under control. It was controlled. Tomorrow legs might be tired but I do my best. Let’s see how the competition turns out. Victory in my mind”, Joensuu said.


Due the mistake in start lists the H40A class start times for sunday 30.7. has been delayed 10 minutes.

So tommorrow the first starting times in this category is at 11.10 am.

Please check your starting times!

Tomorrow in Kainuu O-Week´s 3rd stage it is possible to arrive by the busses "event centre" and "parking areas" to competition centre until 10.30 am.

After 10.30 am the busses will leave participants to the P2 parking area which is 1,5 km before competition centre.

From P2 area arriving to competition centre is by foot. This is because safety reasons. See the map below.

VIP/MEDIA/SHOPS and ORGANISERS parking ticket owners are able to drive to competition centre the whole day, but we remind that be careful (for orienteers who cross the road) when arriving and leaving.