53. Kainuun Rastiviikko

53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

4.-9.7.2021 Suomussalmi, Haverinen

Arriving to Finland, Kainuu and Suomussalmi 

Arriving to Finland, Kainuu and Suomussalmi is quite easy and flexible. 

We recommend the following:

1. Book flights from the departure country to Helsinki (Helsinki airport)

2. Book flights from Helsinki airport to Kajaani airport or Kuopio airport or Oulu airport
2. Rent car from the Helsinki-Vantaa and drive from Helsinki to Kajaani and Suomussalmi. It about 660 km and 7-8 hours driving from Helsinki to Suomussalmi.

3. From Kajaani airport to Suomussalmi
1 h 20 min driving to the Suomussalmi city centre 
1 h 30 min driving to Competition Centre (Haverisentie 7, Suomussalmi)

By car (rent a car from the airport)
By taxi

4. Competition bus
- From the Event Centre you can have competition bus transportation on every competition day to Competition Centre and back to Event centre

If you have any questions contact us directly:
+358 44 512 3517

By air:
Helsinki → Kajaani 
Helsinki → Kuopio
Helsinki → Oulu
Helsinki → Kuusamo
Helsinki → Rovaniemi             


By rail:

By bus:


Car rental:
Helsinki (airport)
Kuopio (airport)
Kajaani (airport)
Oulu (airport)                                                                                                         
Rovaniemi (airport)        

Distances and estimated driving times by car to Suomussalmi:
From Turku 730 km, 8h 30min
From Helsinki 660 km, 7h 30min 
From Tampere 570 km, 7h 00min 
From Vaasa 480 km, 6h 00min
From Jyväskylä 420 km, 5h 00min
From Kuopio 280 km, 3h 30min 
From Oulu 200 km, 2h 40min
From Rovaniemi 280 km, 3h 30min
From Kuusamo 140 km, 1h 0min 
From Kajaani 110 km, 1h 30min
From Vuokatti 115 km, 1h 30min







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