53. Kainuun Rastiviikko

53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

4.-9.7.2021 Suomussalmi, Haverinen

Kainuu Orienteering Week 28 June - 3 July 2020 – Terms of cancellations and changes

Cancellations and changes to entry/registration
Participation fee = participation fee to competition + emit-card rental (for example 80 € + emit-card rental 15 € / week = 95 €)

If participation to KOW-week is cancelled before 31st May 2020 the whole participation fee will be paid back. We will charge office fee of á 5 € / participation day, if participation fee is over 30 €. If participation fee is under 30 €, we will charge only one day office fee á 5 €.

If participation to KOW-week is cancelled after 31st May 2020 we will pay back 50% of participation fee in case of illness,injury or other relevant reason. Official doctor's statement is required.

Change of category is possible without any cost by 31st May 2020. After 31st May 20120 we will charge 10 € office costs if category is changed. In these cases we will follow the participation fees of that entry period where the competitor has entered to the competition for the first time.

Other expenses concerning changes of categories during the time 1st June - 30th June 2020

Change of category is not possible after 27th June 2020.

Changes to registered emit-card number are free until 31st May 2020. You can change your emit-card number directly to IRMA-service (until 31st May 2020) or via email to info@rastiviikko.fi.

Starting from 1st June 2020 emit-card number changes must be changed only via email to info@rastiviikko.fi and there will be costs by the following price steps:
1st June - 8th June 2020: €5 each (Note! A change of the emit-card number only via email).
9th June - 28th June 2019: €10 each (Note! A change of the emit-card number only via email).

Cancellation of an event
If the event has to be cancelled due to bad conditions or emergency (Force Majeure), organization will reserve 50% of the entry fee.

If you have any questions about entry, participation, participation fees, cancellations etc. contact to competition office:  info@rastiviikko.fi , phone: +35844 512 3517






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