53. Kainuun Rastiviikko

53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

4.-9.7.2021 Suomussalmi, Haverinen

Kainuu Orienteering Week and Kainuu Trail event arrangements continues normally

Kainuu Orienteering Week union, Suomussalmen Rasti union and the Kainuu Orienteering Week 2020 organizing committee together decided this week that this summer´s Kainuu Orienteering Week event´s arrangements continues as normal as possible despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. 53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week event is aimed to organize 28 June – 3 July 2020 in Suomussalmi, Finland.

- At the moment we are planning the event in the normal timetable so that we are able to organise the Kainuu Orienteering Week with the same quality standards as the earlier years, says the chief of competition Pirjo Neuvonen. Of course, we are watching with a clear eye the COVID-19 situation and what the Finnish Government will decide during the near future, Neuvonen continues.

Kainuu Orienteering Week union´s brand new trail running competition the Kainuu Trail 2020 event arrangements are also going forward until further notice. The 1st Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park Finland trail running race is intended to organise (day before Kainuu O-Week) on saturday 27th June 2020 in the Hossa National Park.

- Kainuu Trail preparations are going on and we are so far continuing arrangements as planned earlier but at the same time we are carefully monitoring the coronavirus effects into our event, says the event director Jukka Liuha.

- In both events we are taking care of participants health and safety when preparing the events, Liuha (also known as a Secretary General of the Kainuu O-Week) continues.

The Finnish Government has decided restrictions to control coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in Finland. These restrictions are so far valid until 13th of April.

We will share more information about Kainuu O-Week and Kainuu Trail arrangements in the end of April.

Kainuu Orienteering Week union
Suomussalmen Rasti union
Kainuu Orienteering Week 2020 organizing committee

Photo: Touho Häkkinen

Kainuu Orienteering Week 2020 program:
Saturday 27.6.2020: Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) trail running event
Sunday 28.6.2020: Kainuu O-Week 1st stage (Competition Centre Haverinen)
Monday 29.6.2020: Open sprint orienteering event (Jätkänpuisto park, Suomussalmi)
Tuesday 30.6.2020: Kainuu O-Week 2nd stage (Competition Centre Haverinen)
Wednesday 1.7.2020: Rest day (program in Hossa National Park)
Thursday 2.7.2020: Kainuu O-Week 3rd stage (Competition Centre Haverinen)
Friday 3.7.2020: Kainuu O-Week 4th stage (Competition Centre Haverinen)

More information:
Chief of competition: Pirjo Neuvonen, +358 44 761 3886, kilpailunjohtaja@rastiviikko.fi
Secretary General: Jukka Liuha, +358 44 7679 533, jukka.liuha@rastiviikko.fi
Webpages: www.rastiviikko.fi / www.kainuutrail.fi






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