53. Kainuun Rastiviikko

53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

4.-9.7.2021 Suomussalmi, Haverinen

Two weeks ago we announced that the 53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week in Suomussalmi will be moved to 2021.

Now it is possible to register for the event on year 2021.

For the all new registrations, the same participation fees will be applied at this stage as in the second original registration period, which ended on 28th of February 2020. These prices are valid until 28 February 2021. After this date the participation fees will normally continue with the third registration period and the late-registration period prices.

All the earlier registrations (received so far) have been automatically transferred to the 2021 event. For transferred registrations, the terms of cancellation and changes are valid until the event. Participation can be cancelled in accordance with the event's terms of cancellation and changes.

We ended up maintaining the prices of the second registration period, in which case the participation fees are equal for those who have pre-registered by the end of the second registration stage (28.2.2020).

--> You can register for the competition categories by using the IRMA-service.

--> You can register for the open courses by using the Rastilippu-service.
Photo: Touho Häkkinen






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