53. Kainuun Rastiviikko

53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

4.-9.7.2021 Suomussalmi, Haverinen

Kainuu Orienteering Week newsletter 2/2020 has now been published.

Read and if you like order the newsletter from here.

- Kainuu O-Week´s 2nd registration step is closing 28th of February 2020.
- KOW competition bus
- Plenty of accommodation available
- Other things to do

Holiday apartment accommodation supply has expanded

- Check out the private houses and holiday apartments accommodations here.

- Check out the private room accommodation (shared combined facilities with renter)  here.

KOW2020 competition bus routes, timetables and prices are now released on our web pages here: 2020 -> Arriving -> Arriving to Event Centre and Competition Centre

There is a bus transport for every competition day to both directions from Suomussalmi (Ämmänsaari) to competition centre. For example if you are still searching the accommodation the Kurimo Guest House and Siikaranta dormitory accommodation are on the way of the competition bus route.


Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) trail running event's the first registration step will be closing on this friday 31st of January at 23.59.

If you wish to see the sceneries like these during the trail race 🙂 - entry now with the lowest rates👍 - the Hossan kansallispuisto - Hossa National Park's amazing views and the best season of the Finland's midsummer is waiting for you!

We offer trail running distances as follows:

10 km (boys 12-17 years / girls 12-17 years)
10 km open (men / women)
21 km open (men / women)
38 km open (men / women)
55 km open (men / women)
78 km open (men / women)

Read more from the event webpage

Kainuu Orienteering Week newsletter 1/2020 has now been published.

Read and if you like order the newsletter from here.

- The Kainuu Trai Hossa National Park (Finland) trail running events first and cheapest entry step is closing on 31st of Jan 2020.
- Kainuu O-Week´s 2nd registration step is closing 28th of February 2020.
- Plenty of accommodation available
- Other things to do

Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) registration is now online.

Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) is a brand new trail running event in Finland and in the Finland´s newest national park - Hossa which was nominated as a national park on year 2017.

In this Finnish trail running event we offer for trail runners all the perfect trail running trails, terrains, sceneries, and sightseeings of Hossa National Park´s area - and all these experiences during the one day.

Read more and entry from here.

Find our event also from the race result calendar.

Kainuu Orienteering Week wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy & successful New Year 2020!

Photo: suomussalmi.fi

Kainuu Orienteering Week compitition and accommodation office is closed 23.12.2019-1.1.2020.






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