51. Kainuun Rastiviikko

51st Kainuu Orienteering Week

1.-6.7.2018 Kajaani, Finland

KOW-Accommodation office:

How to find accommodation to Kainuu Orienteering Week 2018?

You have different possibilities to find accommodation while you are staying in Kainuu Orienteering Week 2018. You can

  1. look for commercial accommodation in Kajaani and Kainuu-region

  2. look for accommodation through KOW-accommodation office.

    1. From KOW-accommodation office you can ask and search (from our webpage) accommodation for Kainuu Orienteering Week 2018. We are providing accommodation as follows:

      Holiday apartments (for example private holiday apartments, cottages and houses) can be found from here.

      School accommodation info is separately in our webpage here. Will be informed later.

      Camping-accomodation options are also separately in our webpages here. Will be informed later.

      Dormitory accommodation info is seperately in our webpage here. Will be informed later.

NOTICE! If you have any problems to find accommodation during Kainuu Orienteering Week 2018, please do not hesitate to contact Kainuu Orienteering Week's accommodation office or the competition office - we will solve the problem and answer to your questions.

KOW-accommodation office
Postal address:

Kisatie 28
87250 Kajaani

Visiting address:
Kisatie 28
87250 Kajaani

Phone: +358 44 512 3517
Email: accommodation@rastiviikko.fi or majoitus@rastiviikko.fi