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52. Kainuun Rastiviikko

52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week

30.6.-5.7.2019 Sotkamo, Finland

Commercial accommodation places in Kajaani


  • Hotels

  • Other accommodation

  • Scandic Kajanus
    Scandic Kajanus Hotel has comfortable rooms, a cipious and varied breakfast, a nice restaurant and IsoHoo fitness center, which gym hotel residents use free.
    Hotel located within Kaukavesi Water sport center and Kaukametsä Cultural and Congress center. 
    Hotel is only a 5-minute walk from the Kajaani city center.

    +358 8 61641

  • Impilinna
    Location: Impilinna is located about 4 km to the Kajaani city center, with good access, in scenic scenery (address: Kirkkoahontie 94, Linnantaus).
    Distances: 25 km to the Kajaani city centre18 km to competition centre. On race day's you can get transportation to the competition center and back with a bus
    Facilities: Dormitory has 3 apartments, where 2-4 rooms. The rooms are basic furnished.
    Total accommodation facilities: 10 rooms and 20 beds. The rooms have beds, tables, chairs and some have their own TV. 
    There are common living rooms and kitchens (refrigerator, stove, microwave), showers and toilets.
    Own covers/bedlines needed. 
    No smoking.

    Price: 50 € / 2 person / day
    Length of lease: 7 day (30.6.-7.7).

    Further information and reservatios: myynti@impilinna.fi or puh. 040 5939 619

Here you can find pictures.


  • Kartanohotelli Karolineburg

    Karolineburg, most northerly authentic manor in Finland.
    Welcome life manor lord or manor lady in Karolineburg! Choose from different accommodation and stay in a beautiful manor house or a sauna in the manor suite, and enjoy the following morning with a breakfast in our elegant hall or summer terrace in our garden.
    We also offer a cheaper accommodation option in the manor milieu in the White House building.
    You are waiting most northerly manor in Finland and beautiful nature in Kainuu!

    Contact informations:
    Karoliinantie 8, 87200 Kajaani (500 meter to the Kajaani city center)
    Email: info@karolineburg.fi 
    Phone: +358 10 230 5900 

  • Joutenlammen kurssikeskus

    Joutelampi course center offers a versatile of peacegul and nature-loving accommodation for guests of Rastiviiko - only a 15 minute drive from the KOW-competition center. You can stay in cellular rooms in double rooms or in 8 person log cottage. There is also a possibility for tent and camper accommodation. 
    - accommodation in a double room 35,00 €/person/day including breakfast 
    - linen cloth 9,00 € 
    - cottage for 8 persons 50,00 €/day 
    - tent place 10,00 €/day
    - camper with electricity 20,00 €/day
    - camper without electricity 15,00 €/day
    - breakfast 7,00 €/person
    A beach sauna is heated every evening.
    Enquirys and reservations: toimisto@joutenlampi.fi or 044 744 4550.
    Additional informationwww.joutenlampi.fi
  • Pohjavaara school

    The Pohjavaara school offers floor accommodation as well as the possibility to camp at caravan.
    The school is located only 6 minute drive from the KOW-competition center.

    - accomodation: 2700,00 € / week
    camper with electricity : 25 € / day
    camper without electricity : 20 € / day
    - breakfast: 5 € / person

    Enquirys and reservations:
    - Osmo Rimpiläinen p.050 072 9716
    - Helena Steinberg-Nivalainen p.040 581 6538

  • Kirkkoaho village farm/Kirkkoahon seudun kyläyhdistys ry



    The Kirkkoaho village farm offers floor accommodation and camp at caravan. Village farm is located 16 km to competition centre.
    At the same time there is a Kirkkis Kiosk. On race day's you can get transportation to the competition center and back with a bus.

    Price: accommodation 26 € day/person max 20 persons, camper without electricity 20€/day and camper with electricity 26€/day. 
    For a separate contract, breakfast is available at a price of € 7.

    Enquirys and reservations: 
    Raili Heikkinen, 044 0689 551, 

  • Lomakoti Koivuranta

  • Kesäkoti Invala (Karankatie 20, Kajaani)
    Cottages for 2, 4 and 6 person cabins (including beach sauna).

  • Onnelan Matkailumaatila