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52. Kainuun Rastiviikko

52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week

30.6.-5.7.2019 Sotkamo, Finland

Marttiina Joensuu an Fredric Portin won the 50th Kainuu Orienteering Week in main categories. It was career-second time for both of them.

Portin dominated the entire week winning the overall in the end by 5 minutes ahea of Timo Sild. Sild was the fastest on Sunday in H21E. Olli-Markus Taivainen finished third. Joensuu took her overall title over 1,5 minute marginal to Sanni Kivelä, Silja Kauppinen finished third.

"It was an enjoyable terrain, pretty tough. I had to push until the end. On the second control I was sure it was mine, but it wasn’t. That was a bit exciting moment, but I ran well after that. The clear lead ahead of the last stage was good as you can take your time. On the other hand it is difficult to get to the right mood before the race. I didn’t have the completely right feeling in the beginning but after the second control’s mistake I found it back”, Portin said.

Marttiina Joensuu was equally happy about her victory.

“I tried to focus on orienteering and thought if Sanni (Kivelä) goes past me, then she does. When I saw Sanni, I was a bit like aaa…I had been doing well and still she was there. It was pretty heavy day but not impossible, luckily it turned out like it did”, said Joensuu.