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52. Kainuun Rastiviikko

52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week

30.6.-5.7.2019 Sotkamo, Finland

Competition Centre (Rauhala)

The Rauhala Competition Centre is about 20km to the northwest of Kajaani (road 899). 

The navigating address is Jormuantie 303, 87970 Kajaani.

In the Competition Centre, we have several services, for example parking areas, bus stop for bus transportation, restaurant and
cafés, ice cream and soft ice shops, orienteering and sport shops, a children’s day care facility Muksula and a day
care for dogs. Showers (with warm water) and toilets are also available. 

Clubs can set up their tents on Saturday 30 th June after 15:00.

Location of the competition centre on the map

Guiding posts Guidance to the Event Centre, Competition Centre and to parking areas: Guidance starts from road 5; 5km to the south of Kajaani and 15km to the north. There is also guidance on road 899, 5km to the northwest of Vuokatti. The guiding posts will be placed on 29​th​ June 2018 at 15:00. The address of the Competition Centre is: Jormuantie 303, 87970 Kajaani.

Arriving and parking
Parking areas are located inside the Competition Centre area.

Parking display tickets
Parking display tickets will be checked when leaving the parking area. A parking display ticket can be purchased from the KOW Info at the Event Centre or Competition Centre. You can also purchase the display ticket when leaving the parking area − in which case only cash is accepted. We strongly recommend you to purchase your display ticket in advance so you do not have to wait when you are leaving the parking area.

P5 City centre / Competition Centre ​→ see the bus transportation ticket prices
P4 Caravan €35 / week, €12 / day
P2-P3 Public €30 / week, €10 / day
P1 VIP parking €50 / week, €15 / day

P5 City centre / Competition Centre parking area is in the centre of Kajaani from where there is a bus transportation straight to the Competition Centre. The transportation takes about 30 minutes.
P2-P4 parking area is about 100−400m away from the Competition Centre.
P1 VIP parking is about 100m away from the Competition Centre. The space in the VIP parking is available for all participants for KOW, however the space is limited.
The VIP parking display tickets may be purchased in advance at ​info@rastiviikko.fi​.

Further information on arriving and parking is later available on our webpage www.rastiviikko.fi​.

Bus transportation There will be a return bus service between the Event Centre − Kajaani − Competition Centre. Ticket prices, timetables and routes can be found in the competition information and at ​www.rastiviikko.fi -> 2018 -> Arriving -> Bus transportation