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52. Kainuun Rastiviikko

52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week

30.6.-5.7.2019 Sotkamo, Finland

KOW open courses are one of the most popular and diverse open orienteering possibility in Finland!

Open courses at Kainuu Orienteering Week have increased their popularity summer by summer. For open courses you can register on-site at event arenas. In case you plan to participate for entire week, you can also pre-register via IRMA service portal.

  • 9 different skill levels for kids to professional orienteers. Additionally for the little kids we have adventure like activity route.
  • Maps are made by mapping professionals (for ex. mappers of WOC2013)
  • Result service is as good as in competition categories

Courses and skill levels are diverse

Activity route: Adventure route for little kids. Route is marked to forest so children can safely go to the forest. Usually parents are with the children during the route. Best for kids 7-years old or under.

FAMILY-RR: marked orienteering route; usually for kids 10-years or under and with the family (parents)

C-categories: Courses are mainly very basic orienteering, easy skill level, best for beginners

B-categories:  Courses are mainly normal orienteering, medium skill level, best for orienteers who are already experienced

A-categories: Courses are mainly very demanding orienteering, hard skill level, best for competition or professional orienteers


Categories: Skill level Distances
A-long Hard 7,5 km
A-short Hard 4,5 km
B-long Medium 6,0 km
B-short Medium 4,0 km
C-ultra Easy 10,0 km
C-long Easy 4,5 km
C-short Easy 2,5 km
FAMILY-RR* Marked route 1,7 km
Activity route** Marked route 0,5-1km

* Participation fee includes maps for the whole participating family and one emit-card
** There is a little prize for kids in the finish on every competition day