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51. Kainuun Rastiviikko

51st Kainuu Orienteering Week

1.-6.7.2018 Kajaani, Finland


On each race day at Kainuu Orienteering Week it is possible to participate in open courses, family course and activity route. All courses are allowed to do alone or in a group. The participants are timed but overall results are not calculated and prices based on ranking are not distributed. 

Pre-registration by 11.6.2018
Please see the pre-registration instructions and participation fees here
There are 4 different prices for pre-registration (30.11.2017, 28.2.2018, 31.5.2018 and 11.6.2018), so you be worth take advantage of the cheapest price. By registering in advance you can save up to € 30, if you register directly for the whole week. Additionally, if you have pre-registered, it is easier and faster to operate on-site in the competition centre, because you only have to take your number near the open courses info and then go directly to orienteering (if you have your own emit-card).

On-site registration
To open the courses and family course, register for the open courses info by completing the registration form and paying the participation fee. Participation fee can be paid in cash or credit / debit cards. Emit card can be rented from Open courses info if needed.

After the registration, the participant gets a competition number that is used during the whole week. The same number is used even though you would pay the entry fee separately on 1st and 3rd competition day, so do not lose the competition number.

If you register for the whole week at once, you will avoid having to queue during other days in the info.

NOTE! Every competition day you can choose whichever category/track you like to run no matter what you choose in the entry form. Your daily category/track will be updated and saved on the start area before you start. You don`t have to register daily in the open category info if you have paid participation for the whole week.

Participation fees €/day €/week
Open (A,B,C) 19 65
Family course* and open courses under 14 years old 14 45
Emit-card rental 5 15
*includes maps for the whole family and one emit-card.

There are eight courses with different lengths and levels. The family course is done as control trail orienteering (RR).
Maps and courses are available in advance in the info of open courses.

Procedure in start area
Open orienteering (A, B and C courses)
Participants report to the start officials in the start area who will check the competition number and emit-card. Orienteer choose the correct map from the box. Starting takes place by resetting the Emit control card.

Family course (Open-RR/Family-RR)
Participants report to the start officials in the start area 5 who will check the competition number and emit-card. After this, orienteer is guided to the start area where the map is handed out. Starting takes place by resetting the Emit-card. 

Open orienteering (A, B, C) courses starts at start 5 and arrive to finish line which is marked with signpost 5 and partner Kajaani city.

Open courses do not have in advance set start times.

Day Open courses info is open Starting times: Finish is closed:
sun 1.7. 10.00-17.00 13.00-16.30 19.00
tue 3.7. 09.00-15.00 11.00-14.30 17.00
thu 5.7. 09.00-15.00 11.00-14.30 17.00
fri 6.7. 08.00-14.00 10.00-13.30 17.00
NOTE! All participants in open and family courses have to report in the finish!!

Addition instruction
The same number is used in every competition. Make sure to keep the number saved during the whole week! If the orienteer changes the course after the registration in the open courses info, it must be reported in the start.

The same Emit-card CANNOT BE used in competition categories and open courses. In the open courses, different people can use the same Emit-card in the same race.

In the family course, the whole group has one competition number and Emit-card that are read in the start and finish.

Prices of open and family courses
Lots will be drawn daily to distribute prizes among all the participants in the open categories. The prizes can be claimed from the open courses info.