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52. Kainuun Rastiviikko

52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week

30.6.-5.7.2019 Sotkamo, Finland

Muksula (Children's day care)
Muksula is intended of under school aged children during every competition day whilst the parents are orienteering or preparing for their performance. Please do not bring any ill children (fever, stomach flu, etc.) to Muksula. The children can swing, draw, read, play board games and craft.

The day care provides a small snack, including juice, water, and fruits. The snack is lactose free, but other special diets have to be handled by the parents. Children can have their own snacks with them.  Children should have proper clothing according the weather, sunscreen,  hat, and medication with the instructions. It is recommended that the clothes have name tags or are marked.

Registration and prices for Muksula

-You have to pre-register by the 24.6.2019

-The price of the pre-registration is 5€/ day/ child

-Without registration, the day care can be provided only if there are free spots left.

-Without registration, the price is 10€/ day/ child.


There is an adventure track (in Finnish "Rastiralli") nearby Muksula, The prices are 4€ / day or 12€/ week.

Pre-registration to Muksula by 24.6.2019: 
- all children will fill their own Children card (will be updated later).
- send children card filled in by e-mail to muksula@rastiviikko.fi and at the same time send a payment to KRV2019 account, payment instructions are on the children card.
email: muksula@rastiviikko.fi
phone: (information later)

Prices for children's day care are:
Pre-registration by 24.6.2019, 5 € / day / child 
Registration on site, 10 € / day  / child