53. Kainuun Rastiviikko

53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland

4.-9.7.2021 Suomussalmi, Haverinen


Press release 27.4.2020

The 1st Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) 27.6.2020 trail running event will be postponed for one year. Next year the Kainuu Trail event will be held in Hossa National Park on 3rd of July 2021.

– In this hard and challenging situation we saw that the only option for Kainuu Trail event was also the postponing for next year, even that this event would have been possible to organize under 500 participants. With this decision we are able to minimize the risks related to health of our participants, volunteers and the Kainuu region´s people, says Jukka Liuha the Kainuu Trail event director and the Kainuu O-Week general secretary.

Entries and registrations including additional services (for ex. event meals and products) are automatically transferred to next year.

If the participant don´t want to participate Kainuu Trail 2021, we will return the (already paid) participation fee including additional services. Due the terms of changes and cancellation we will reserve the office fee 10 € / participant if the participation is cancelled.

If the participant have paid participation with Exercise Benefits we cannot return the participation fee (due the instuctions of the Finnish Tax Administration). In this case we recommend the transfer of the participation for year 2021. 

If the participant wants to cancel the participation please send following information to our office kainuutrail@rastiviikko.fi: Name, category, bank account number and bank account owner´s name.

We are deeply sorry about this postponement and the different problems what this situation might cause, but most importantly we will wish you all health, good and positive energy for trail running this year.

See you next year in Hossa National Park´s great trail running paths!

Trail running regards,,

Kainuu Trail 2020 organizers

Event director/route master
Jukka Liuha, 044-7679533, jukka.liuha@rastiviikko.fi

More information: www.kainuutrail.fi

Read the whole briefing from Kainuu O-Week front page.

Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) is a brand new trail running event in Finland and in the Finland´s newest national park - Hossa which was nominated as a national park on year 2017.

In this Finnish trail running event we offer for trail runners all the perfect trail running trails, terrains, sceneries, and sightseeings of Hossa National Park´s area - and all these experiences during the one day.

The event centre is at the Hossa Visitor Centre. From the event centre you can find start and finish areas for the all running distances, soup of the day for the all participants (when arrived to the finish) and plenty of other food and café options, versatile accommodation possibilities and all the other things to do (beside the trail running itself) for example hiking, cayaking, canoeing, fatbiking etc.

See the event program from here


Julma-Ölkky 78 km
- ITRA points: 3 
- Mountain points: 4
- Finisher points: 310
- Total elevation +2130 m
- Preliminary route description
- Download gpx-file from here

Värikallio 55 km
- ITRA points: 2 
- Mountain points: 3
- Finisher points: 230
- Total elevation +1550 m
- Preliminary route description
- Download gpx-file from here

Kokalmus 38 km
- ITRA points: 2 
- Mountain points: 3
- Finisher points: 160
- Total elevation +970 m
- Preliminary route description  
- Download gpx-file from here

Jatkonvaara 21 km
- ITRA points: 1 
- Mountain points: 3
- Finisher points: 160
- Total elevation +610 m  
- Preliminary route description
- Download gpx-file from here

Huosius 10 km
- ITRA points: 0 
- Mountain points: 3
- Finisher points: 160
- Total elevation +260 m
- Preliminary route description   
- Download gpx-file from here

Photo: Hannu Huttu, Hossa Visitor Centre

ITRA points are waiting for final confirmation, but these are already shown public on the ITRA calendar. We will inform, when the ITRA points are valid.

- all routes in the same map can be downloaded from this weblink (this will open in PDF-file)
- route maps and elevation profiles are also available on Trace De Trail -service


Entry and registration (Entry and registration is paused for now due the coronavirus situation and because the event is postponed for one year to 2021)
- All entries are moved automatically for the year 2021
- We will inform when the entry and registration continues for the year 2021.

Participants 2020 
Participation fee can be paid in the conjunction of the registration with Finnish bank account access codes, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc.), mobile payment (MobilePay, Siirto), Invoice (Collector-service and Jousto-service).

You can also pay your participation with Exercise Benefit vouchers, cards and web payments: 
- Smartum's culture and sports vouchers, Tyky vouchers, Tyky+ voucher. 
- Smartum card payment
- Edenred card payment and Edenred web payment
- ePassi payment

If you want to pay your participation with Exercise Benefits then register yourself with this form.
After registration in 1-3 days you will have payment instructions in to your email.  

More information: info@rastiviikko.fi
By registrating to the event I accept the event´s Privacy Policy documens: event register Privacy Notice and marketing register Privacy Notice.

  10 km (men/women)
BOYS 12-17-v, GIRLS 12-17-v)
21 km (men/women) 38 km (men/women) 55 km (men/women) 78 km (men/women)
2.-31.1.2020 20 € 39 € 49 € 69 € 79 €
1.2.-30.4.2020 25 € 59 € 69 € 89 € 99 €
1.5.-15.6.2020 30 € 79 € 89 € 109 € 129 €
late-entry 16.-27.6.2020 (if it is possible to take participants)  35 €  84 €  94 €  114 €  134 € 
Participation fee includes following contents x = content included  x = content included x = content included x = content included x = content included
Event instructions x x x x x
Route maps  x x x x x
Number bib+safety pins x x x x x
Timing (online results) x x x x x
GPS-tracking (organizer will choose the followed athletes)  - - - x x
Service stations on the route with refreshments and energy snacks  - x (1 service station) x (3 service stations) x (5 service stations) x (6 service stations)
Service station in the finish area with refreshments and energy snacks  x x x x x
If you have to drop out we will arrange transportation from the nearest service station to the finish area  x x x x x
First aid (event centre) x x x x x
*You can enjoy with your running friends the "Soup of the Day" in the finish area after your run  *for 10 km runners we offer soup of the day in 9 € cost when ordered during the registration (normal cost 10 €) x x x x
Dressing rooms  x x x x x
Sauna  x x x x x
Commemorative prize (event product) x x x x x
Ranking prizes (3 fastest runners are awarded / category)  x x x x x
ITRA points  No ITRA points available  1 ITRA point  2 ITRA points  2 ITRA points  3 ITRA points 
UTMB (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc) 2020 
qualification race status 
- x
*Finish area´s 
"Soup of the Day"
serving time

Soup of the Day
Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L), Vegetarian (V)

minced meat soup/vegetarian soup with rye bread, white bread, cheese, ham, butter, juice, water and milk  
*for 10 km runners we offer soup of the day in 9 € cost when ordered during the registration (normal cost 10 €) x x x x
Other food serving in Hossa Visitor Centre Can be reserved and paid when registering in to the event Can be reserved and paid when registering in to the event Can be reserved and paid when registering in to the event Can be reserved and paid when registering in to the event Can be reserved and paid when registering in to the event
fri 26th June 
at 18.00-21.00
Buffet 12 € (G, L, V) 
Kainuu Trail event info meeting at 20.00
Buffet 12 € (G, L, V) 
Kainuu Trail event info meeting at 20.00
Buffet 12 € (G, L, V) 
Kainuu Trail event info meeting at 20.00
Buffet 12 € (G, L, V) 
Kainuu Trail event info meeting at 20.00
Buffet 12 € (G, L, V) 
Kainuu Trail event info meeting at 20.00
sat 27th June 
at 04.30-10.00
Breakfast 10 € (G, L) Breakfast 10 € (G, L) Breakfast 10 € (G, L) Breakfast 10 € (G, L) Breakfast 10 € (G, L)
sat 27th June 
at 10.30-14.00
Lunch 12 € (G, L, V) Lunch 12 € (G, L, V) Lunch 12 € (G, L, V) Lunch 12 € (G, L, V) Lunch 12 € (G, L, V)
sat 27th June 
at 17.00-21.00
Dinner 12 € (G, L, V) Dinner 12 € (G, L, V) Dinner 12 € (G, L, V) Dinner 12 € (G, L, V) Dinner 12 € (G, L, V)

Runner card (Finnish) discount campaign going on 21.2.-15.6.2020 meaning that if you have this card you can have 5 euros discount from the participation fees.

Read the terms of cancellation and changes from here.

In the Hossa area accommodation possibilities are diverse - starting from modest camping and caravan area to high standard holiday apartments.

Here are some options from our event partners.

Hossan Visitor Centre
 Accommodation in the silence and peace of the nature - Hossa Visitor Centre
 Hossa Visitor Centre offers a diverse range of excursion and travel services. The restaurant/café serves small snacks and full meals and knowledge of nature and history of
 Hossa region is provided under the same roof.
 Cottages and loggers’ huts provide cosy overnight accommodation throughout the year. The campsite of Karhunkainalo is open to caravanners from March to October.
 From the Visitor Centre you can rent for ex. fatbikes, canoes, kayaks etc.

 Check out accommodation possibilities from here.

 Hossa Visitor Centre
 Jatkonsalmentie 6, 89920 Suomussalmi
 +358 (0)50 384 4692

Camping Hossan Lumo
 Maija and Lenny welcomes travellers and their pets to Camping Hossan Lumo!

 The cottages of the Finnish-Irish family business are available throughout the year.

 The services for caravanners are available when the ground is unfrozen, as are the small, nostalgic camping huts.

 The shallow, child-friendly beach is the gem of Camping Hossan Lumo. In the summer, the camping area is home to the only store in the area.

 Green values are clearly visible in the day-to-day activities of Camping Hossan Lumo: all waste is recycled and detergents are eco-friendly.

 Book your cabin accommodation: www.hossanlumo.fi

 Lumontie 3
 89920 Ruhtinansalmi Finland
 +358 (0)500 166377

Camp Norwide (Hossan Lomakeskus)
 Our international team invites you to come and live unique experiences in the heart of Finland.
 Our Hostel is composed of 25 eco-lodges, 7 Mökki (traditional Finnish cottages) plus a bar-restaurant,
 dining room, cozy living room with unlimited hot drinks and 2 saunas found just in front of the lake
 (ideal for midnight summer swimming). We propose a selection of outdoor activities in both summer and winter.

 Kainuu Trail 2020 -participants can have 10 % discount from our normal accommodation costs,
 when making the reservation with the code "KainuuTrail2020". 

 Reserve accommodation from here.

 Hossan Lomakeskus / Norwide Finland
 Hossantie 278 A
 89920 Ruhtinansalmi
​ +358 08 732 322

MORE ABOUT HOSSA (Accommodation, arrival, transportation etc.)


International Trail Running Association -calendar
Trace De Trail -service
Kainuu Trail has an official qualification race status of UTMB (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc) 2020

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Event director/route planner: Jukka Liuha, jukka.liuha@rastiviikko.fi, +358 44 7679533
Event office: kainuutrail@rastiviikko.fi
Organizer: Kainuu Orienteering Week

Photos: Municipality of Suomussalmi, Hossa National Park






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